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Gypsy Tarot

Interactive gypsy tarot
Young Woman

◁ Young Woman ▷

This may indicate a blind date is taking place and represents a nurturing, caring and loving nature. This card also refers to your own female aspects or your mother.

◁ Young Woman – Reversed Position ▷

Reversed, it may represent temptation and guilt. Don’t fall victim to spontaneous actions that could lead to serious consequences or may cause you to have to lie.

Interactive gypsy tarot

◁ Sighs or Widow ▷

This card is telling you there is a need for prioritizing things in your life.

◁ Sighs – Reversed Position ▷

When reversed it shows loneliness and grief, a situation that causes pain, isolation, a feeling of being overwhelmed and separation.

Life can throw some curve balls at you sometimes. It’s important to remember that these are trials that you must learn from. It is normal to feel down after something heart breaking befalls you, but take care not to let it consume you entirely. This too shall pass and it will better you in the end if you take it in stride.

Interactive gypsy tarot

◁ Foe or Rival ▷

There is an embrace of some joy not thought of. Something may not have gone your way, but something good will still come from it as long as you can be aggressive to make good things happen. Are you competing or comparing yourself to others’ accomplishments? It is sometimes better to do things that are just for you and not to do them in order to come out on top of someone else.

◁ Foe – Reversed Position ▷

When in the reversed position you are losing your credibility by standing with or against others. It also may suggest that you have neglected your duties or abandoned your responsibilities. Don’t be reluctant to assert your rights and standing up for yourself or for a cause that you believe in.

This card does not represent another person, rather, it represents your own idealism and/or cowardice. As the saying goes, “You are your own worst enemy.”

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