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Tarot of Work

Interactive tarot work
The Hermit-Career

◁ The Hermit ▷

You may be spending some much needed time thinking about what you want out of your career right now. You may feel as though the path you are treading at the moment is not really working for you, and there can be the sense of not being fulfilled. Right now, you are trying to understand what kind of work would give you joy on all levels. If you’ve been pursuing a career purely for money, or financial stability, these qualifications are no longer enough for you. You may be looking for a purpose, or at least something that gets you closer to who you want to be.

Interactive tarot work
The Moon-Career

◁ The Moon ▷

There may be some uncertainty when it comes to your career path right now. You may not have a clear understanding of what your goals are and which direction you should go towards. Alternatively, your workplace right now can be a tense atmosphere, one that comes from haziness and confusion about project goals, or what everyone should be doing. Misunderstandings can be rife right now, so make sure you express yourself clearly; it may be better to repeat yourself. By the same token, you may find that you don’t have all the information you need right now to make sound work decisions. Who can help shed some light on the facts?

Interactive tarot work
The High Priestess-Career

◁ The High Priestess ▷

When it comes to your career, the High Priestess may signal a period of education or higher learning. You may be returning to school for training. If you’re in a creative field, this card also can suggest new inspiration coming into your work. When making big choices about your future career or projects, the High Priestess also suggests relying on your gut instincts. There’s likely a lot of information there that will aid you. At times, this card can also signal the appearance of a mentor or guide that can help you progress further in your work.

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