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Tarot of the Angels

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Long-lived Cherub

◁ Long-lived Cherub ▷

This card represents the angel of life. It symbolizes someone with great experience in life who can advise other people on their way. Be careful, because if it appears upside down this letter notifies you of someone with incorrect and negative ideas. You must be cautious to accept the good but also discard the negative ideas that do not bring you anything good in life.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Principality Anael

◁ Principality Anael ▷

Angel of creation and sensuality. It represents physical beauty, love, and success in relationships. On the contrary it warns you of selfishness and pride in life. In addition, it alerts you to the appearance of a disease that will attack you. You must let love flow in your life in order to benefit from its positive effects.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Virtue Bariel

◁ Virtue Bariel ▷

The angel of courage. You must have the courage to make difficult decisions in your life that you will have to face. You need to have the necessary security to face these complicated situations on your way to get out well in the face of adversity. You need to develop confidence in the decisions you make to make good progress in your ventures.

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