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Tarot of the Angels

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Yahriel Domination

◁ Yahriel Domination ▷

Represents an innate leader. In case it goes backwards, it refers to a tyrant, someone who cannot be fair from his situation of power. It is necessary that you strive to reach important positions, since they will not arrive on their own. You can become a good leader if you develop this ability over time.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Male / Female Throne

◁ Male / Female Throne ▷

This angel symbolizes someone with predetermined ideas. He is not someone who accepts change or other ideas other than what he believes. If it appears the other way around, it represents a person with wrong ideas that is not clear about what benefits him. You can make many mistakes. In this case, you must work to eliminate the negative prejudices of your life to avoid harming yourself.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Principality Anael

◁ Principality Anael ▷

Angel of creation and sensuality. It represents physical beauty, love, and success in relationships. On the contrary it warns you of selfishness and pride in life. In addition, it alerts you to the appearance of a disease that will attack you. You must let love flow in your life in order to benefit from its positive effects.

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