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Tarot of the Angels

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Virtue Bariel

◁ Virtue Bariel ▷

The angel of courage. You must have the courage to make difficult decisions in your life that you will have to face. You need to have the necessary security to face these complicated situations on your way to get out well in the face of adversity. You need to develop confidence in the decisions you make to make good progress in your ventures.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Kemuel power

◁ Kemuel power ▷

This is the angel mediating good and evil. You move in the line that separates the right from the wrong, you must make a great effort not to go astray. Leave the blame behind you, look for the truth to keep moving forward as you meet new challenges. The reverse letter tells you that you do not accept advice and have difficult preconceived ideas to overcome.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Seraph Cantor

◁ Seraph Cantor ▷

It is the representation of an artist with creative ability. It predicts a very good future if it appears in conjunction with the angel of love, even being able to announce a pregnancy. You must polish your artistic gifts to get the most out of your ability and let yourself be guided by inspiration. When it appears inverted it represents the sadness that dominates a person and the absence of motivational inspiration.

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